the hen house at No. 14

the hen house at No. 14
The Hen House at No.14

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wednesday. Day 3!

Out again last night, lovely evening it was too. Plenty of exercise for us all, & more treats like grapes & squash.
This is turning out to be a great move.Our loving owners introduced us to some mini humans, one in particular, Honi, spent some time with us learning about our needs & habits. I think that names were discussed & I am sure we will be learning more soon. I am not the only one in the hen house who has a sneaking suspicion that our black silkie companion may not be all she seems!!! Time will tell, however I think 'she' may actually be a 'he'! Her somewhat amorous approach to the rest of us has raised great suspicions........ watch this space.
Mrs Duck was treated to a lovely bath whilst we got to fill our faces with food, I think she thoroughly enjoyed her splash.
Then it was once again off to bed as the sun set, our cosy bedding cleaned & fluffed by Lucy our loving human mother.

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