the hen house at No. 14

the hen house at No. 14
The Hen House at No.14

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The first post from the hens at No.14

So, here we are, our first post ever...... not easy typing with clipped wings!!
We arrived here on Sunday 24th July 2011, (five hens of varied origin & a black running duck) transported from our much larger family surroundings in Chesterfield in relative comfort by our new & proud owners. The journey was pretty uneventful for us, not too long in the car & what a nice surprise when we arrived. Here we have a lovely generously proportioned detached abode, all mod cons installed. On closer inspection we find not only three bedrooms, but a marvellous conservatory & substantial grounds.
Our first evening we spend exploring the house & conservatory & filling our faces with the lovely food our owners have laid out for us. The carpets in this place are as plush as can be & even smell of fresh wood shavings! Wonderful!
I think the duck (yet to be named) is having a slightly rough time of it, she seems to be a little more nervous than the rest of us.... I am sure she will settle in soon enough.
So now, after a good feed & a little game of who's the boss, its time for bed, no need for any assistance, as the sun goes down, we settle onto our perches & off we go to sleep..........

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