the hen house at No. 14

the hen house at No. 14
The Hen House at No.14

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day two at No.14

Its day two at the Hen House at No.14, quiet nights sleep & up with the dawn chorus. Our human owners appear a short while later to open the front door & let us out for some breakfast. Fresh food & water ready & waiting for us, & they have cleaned the carpets!
Then its a day spent chatting & eating by us all until our owners appear again much later & let us out into the grounds of our grand home for the first time.
Tentatively at first the bravest of us begin to explore. A new food experience appears, delicious it is too. Apparently they are called grapes! Oh, and butter nut squash... this really is nouvelle quisine....
This really is great, we even have nice new grass to peck at, grit to chew & every time one of us poops in the water or the food, our keepers provide us with fresh clean replacements. We will have to persevere, they don't seem to be that bright but I am sure they will get the message that we don't mind a little poop, its what we are used too & it beats plain old water as it seems they don't serve Robinson's cordial or Chardonnay here!!
The pecking order is taking shape, clearly the poor old duck is at the bottom of the pile, she inst that bright though so I don't think she really minds. Mother Hen, yet to be named, appears to have taken the role of ruler of he roost. She even has a look at the opportunities for exploring the outer boundaries of the garden, & the world beyond! Leave her too it I say, I am staying put, the foods too good here....

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